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Adults - 750₹
Children's (5-12 years) -450₹

Local Cuisine

Agritourism is open all-year-round. The menu offers a specifically selected dishes.
and fresh vegetables  grown in the kitchen garden.

We proposes a  dishes influenced by traditional cuisine: you will be able to taste fresh homemade bought from farmers in the area or raised directly by us, vegetables grown on our land and  sweets.

Here you will find staff with great experience dedicated to proposing traditional recipes passed down to them from their grandmothers: tradition meets passion, and for this reason, our dishes are rich with love and are meant to intensify the flavors so that you will surely have a unique culinary experience!


You can taste our typical dishes created by expert hands with natural farm-to-table products,
all the while surrounded by the nature that renders the “Green heart” .