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Enjoy Fresh, Delicious, Naturally Ripened Mangoes from Wadkar's Farm.

Enjoy Fresh Aamras(mango juice) @ our Farm....

Commonly Asked Questions ..

There are many questions come into our minds when we talk about mangos

What is Kesar Mango ?

Kesar mango is grown in Gujrat and Maharashtra and has unique sweet taste

How mangoes are selected and graded ?

- Mangoes are handpicked and depending upon size and quality grading is done

When Kesar mangoes are available ?

Kesar mangoes are generally available at the end of May

How do you deliver mangoes ?

can place order by calling us at 9405577498 or email us @ kailash@wadkarsfarm.com

In which cities your mangoes are delivered ?

At present we are delivering mangoes in Pune only