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Looking for Hurda Party near Pune, Wadkar’s Farm is the perfect place.

It’s a perfect place to unwind for a day with family and friends. We are situated next to Datta-Devarai a part of Sahyadri ranges; just 42 km from Pune on NH4.

You will be rejuvenated by enjoying natural beauty of Mango, pomegranate orchard and playing various rural games along with delicious food prepared on “Chula”.
This is a place which provides various options to all age groups such as forest trail, visit to ancient temple, information  about agricultural activities, cricket, volleyball, basketball, football, children’s play area, cattle farm, drip, sprinkler irrigation, rain dance, swimming pool, rain water harvesting, birds, ducks, rabbits, rural games.

It’s Hurda Party time.

This is harvesting period of Jawar. Traditionally farmers used to invite friends and family to their farm to enjoy Hurda. Hurda is tender Jawar roasted over fire. Typically Hurda is served with various types of chutney.

We at Wadkar’s Farm are inviting you to come with your family and friend and enjoy Hurda at our farm which is highway touch and near from Pune.

So come and enjoy Hurda Party at Wadkar’s Farm 

Our Guest speaks:

Sadanand Sahastrabuddhe: Fantastic place.. Very serene and quite.. Not very much commercialized. Food is excellent. Good one day outing

Amol Miniyar: Nice place for one day trip n be close to nature

Sundnda Joshi: Its gd for outing wt family and friends owner is gd, its near to city fully resting place

Novneet Jain: A perfect spot for a day over picnic. Hurda and food is basic and perfect.

Adarsh Bubna: Very nice place to hang out long friends and family. Nice for corporate team outing as well. Camp fire at its best. Nature’s beauty. Ample space and good kids ground as well.

Swarada Ghodke: Awsome one day outing.. felt relaxed due to plenty of fresh air.. my son got to interact with rabbits.. food is good.. awesome crispy jalebi’s overall good for a one day outing with family..

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